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Winter • Fire on the Inside

Updated: Feb 17

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Wintering • Fire on the Inside

You know that love hate relationship? Some call it Winter. Ha! A quiet time of reflection and personal hibernation these past two years proves it is necessary to prepare for Spring's emerging cycle of life. There is a lot to digest or assimilate. Being still with myself has been challenging while worth it.

Can ya hear me when I say I love Winter? I really do. Maybe it is because I kinda crush on Jack Frost a teeny bit. Hmmm. Living on our little farmstead for a full resolution around the Sun this Winter we are more settled into our living space. So, moving slow is the name of the game.

My husband and I both may be slight pyromaniacs. Any excuse to make a fire and chill around it awhile is good for the soul. This Winter one focus for me spiritually is bringing the Sun on inside. My gut and solar plexus need some good medicine and rest.

Our fireplace is forreal a focal point in our home. Bringing the fire or Sun inside our home during the Winter grounds me down. Learning in a tangible practical way that the slow burn is what makes it last. Even the chores around having a fire on the inside gives back to the garden with the ashes from the transformation.

On the Yoga scene, bringing in the Sun as a practice feels like stoking your own fire. Do you know what I am talking about? The fire that is on the inside. Like it fuels your drives and passions, that part of the belly that feels primal. So for me personally, bringing in the fire is a kind of practice that stokes my inner fire or agni. Winter gives me the space to stoke a slow burn, while simultaneously acting as a purification process. Since purification is more like an inside thing. We all have experienced change in behavior, lifestyle, circles, you name it, while not changing much on the inside. This Winter we are purifying and sifting through the ashes.

While that is an inside job, for me it has been the hardest work to do. Making amends with my own shame, and feelings of unworthiness. Trust me when I say I haven't arrived anywhere quite yet in my process. Slowing down to the quiet trickle I am paying attention to what stokes my fire. and I hope you are too.

Happy Wintering.

Give yourself compassion and grace as we Winter over this season, then cover over that with a whole bunch of patience. Namaste` lovely souls.

• click here for podcast episode for your listening pleasure.

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