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Our Yoga Practices

Image by Daniel Straub
Image by Jade Stephens


  • Connects breath with the body.

  • Style varies in focused effort.

  • Lengthens muscles releasing fatigue. 

  • Excellent to restore vitality.

  • Helps move sensitivities out of the body.

  • Excellent to reset nervous system.

  • Supports therapies to process emotions, or trauma out of the body.

  • Dynamic movement patterns that break down the posture for stability in effort. 

Image by Jude Infantini
resilient selah yoga


  • Designed for mental clarity.

  • Anchors the breath to slow down mental chatter and noise.

  • Slow paced movement patterns for focused awareness.

  • Progresses toward balance postures.

  • Creates space to see how you are perceiving, feeling, and thinking in stillness and effort.

  • Some postures may be held for 3-5 breath cycles.

  • Devotional and spiritual contemplation for personal soul care.

  • Softens heart, joints, and major muscle groups.

  • Focuses on releasing the hips, neck & shoulders.

  • Postures include heart openers to create space for compassion, grace and patience. 

  • Space to sift through self-concepts, beliefs, and experiences for emotional, mental, or spiritual reconciliation. 

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