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our yoga practices

We practice yoga at Selah slow, steady, and stable. Classes are taught fundamentally for simplicity and versatility. More effort is offered during practice with regard to how our body feels on any given day or season.

Each of our three yoga classes : Grit, Resilient, and Shine have a complimentary aroma therapy scent for a glorious reset during Savasana, along with a rolled towel for neck support. Each practice's complimentary aroma therapy scent supports restoration and soul care. 


Grit, Resilient, & Shine are yoga practices and aroma therapy products we offer for your life practices.

Image by Aoi

yoga practice  + aroma therapy

:|: Grit :|: bandhas, breath & body
aroma therapy :|: Grit :|: Refreshing. Cleansing. Opening.
bergamot | eucalyptus | peppermint

:|: Resilient :|: balance for body, heart & mind
aroma therapy :|: Resilient :|: Herbaceous. Woodsy. Earthy.
atlas cedarwood | clary sage | ylang ylang

:|: Shine :|: connects heart & soul for glow
aroma therapy :|: S
hine :|: Calming. Floral. Grounding. 
frankincense | lavender | vetiver

Yoga Practices

:|: Grit :|:

Low Lunge BROWN hair.png
  • Connects breath with the body.

  • Style varies in focused effort.

  • Lengthens muscles releasing fatigue. 

  • Excellent to restore vitality.

  • Helps move sensitivities out of the body.

  • Excellent to reset nervous system.

  • Supports therapies to process emotions, or trauma out of the body.

  • Dynamic movement patterns that break down the posture for stability in effort. 

WED :|: 9.00am + 6.00pm 
THURS :|: 9.00am 

:|: Resilient :|:

  • Designed for mental clarity.

  • Anchors the breath to slow down mental chatter and noise.

  • Slow paced movement patterns for focused awareness.

  • Progresses toward balance postures.

  • Creates space to see how you are perceiving, feeling, and thinking in stillness and effort.

  • Some postures may be held for 3-5 breath cycles.

MON :|: 9.00am + 4.15pm 

:|: Shine :|:

  • Devotional and spiritual contemplation for personal soul care.

  • Softens heart, joints, and major muscle groups.

  • Focuses on releasing the hips & shoulders.

  • Postures include heart openers to create space for compassion, grace and patience for you & your experiences.

  • Space to sift through self-concepts, beliefs, and experiences for emotional, mental, or spiritual reconciliation. 

TUES :|: 8:00am + 5.30pm 
SUN :|: 8.30am

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