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:|: aroma therapy :|:

Our in house crafted aroma therapy blends are designed to connect the breath with our intriguing sense of smell. Each aroma therapy blend is intended to open the breath and senses for your practice. When attending classes or events in person at Selah Yoga we often offer a complimentary aroma therapy treatment for your sweet reset. 

aromatherapy practice

:|: Grit :|: bandhas, breath & body
aroma therapy :|: grit :|: Refreshing. Cleansing. Opening.
bergamot | eucalyptus | peppermint

:|: Resilient :|: balance for body, heart & mind
aroma therapy :|: resilience :|: Herbaceous. Woodsy. Earthy.
atlas cedarwood | clary sage | ylang ylang

:|: Shine :|: connects heart & soul for glow
aroma therapy :|: shine :|: Calming. Floral. Grounding. 
frankincense | lavender | vetiver

Risha Hoffman Selah Yoga A Life Practice_edited.jpg

Master Aromatherapist

Our Aroma Therapy Practices are taught and crafted by Risha Hoffman, owner of Selah Yoga Studio, a Level 2 Certified Professional Aromatherapist of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. Holding a Diploma as a Master Aromatherapist and Certified Natural Health Consultant, Risha has been a practicing Aromatherapist for almost two decades with practical experience.  

Being a loyal enthusiast to ethically sound businesses we trust and support Mountain Rose Herbs for our Pure Essential Oils and other organic ingredients personally and professionally. 

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