risha hoffman

Yoga Teacher | 500RYT | YACEP


When my world gets busy and my Soul needs renewal & refreshment, Yoga has been a consistent way for me surrender the things that entangle me from my past. Specifically Yoga has helped me work though my abuse, shame, and trauma in too many ways and times to count.  My hope is that it can do the same for your Practice. 

Practicing Yoga at Selah is simple. Meet yourself where you are honestly with compassion and patience. Most of us have specifics we would like to change about ourselves. My experience is that we want to be seen and accepted for who we are, but the level of vulnerability can be overwhelming at times. Respecting that deeply, my offering is a safe space to Practice where you can come as you are to process. I teach with an intelligent design using the Vinyasa Krama, which simply means "to place in a special way," to open space within yourself moving gently toward effort and felt sensation for deep awareness.


Obtaining certification in Yoga, and Natural Health Consultation has been a dream come true. Being passionate about the natural world overall, having the privilege of being an Organic Gardener, and Master Aromatherapist, this knowledge allows me to take care of family and friends in a way that is fulfilling.  

Beyond the blessings of the above stated, walking with others as they process is a Soul satisfaction beyond language. Better yet, getting to hear someone's story and share mine creates space for connection and grace. 

Namaste`- May you know deep peace and restoration.