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Frequently Asked Questions

Practicing Yoga with us is about your experience. While we create space for you at our beautiful studio, we are very interested in your intrinsic value. Personal capability is respected and honored. We choose not to have mirrors in our practice space for our emphasis is on inquiry into the mind, heart, and soul. May we honor the light inside of each other. Namaste` 

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  • What class should a beginner take ?
    Beginners and seasoned students benefit from our style of teaching which uses language that embeds options for more or less effort depending on how the body is responding to the pose or practice overall. We ask to have compassion for yourself and others cuz we are all working it out on our mats.
  • What if I can't do the poses ?
    At Selah Yoga :|: a life practice we teach with an intelligent methodology that slowly moves toward effort releasing sensitivities in the body. Our language is embedded with reflective consideration toward slowing down for softening. Rather than pushing, since personal capability is varied on any given day, our style of teaching focuses on what is felt in your body. Each class we teach opens and stabilizes joints freeing up space by slowing the breath for sensitivities and stresses to release in the body, mind, and soul.
  • What should I bring ?
    You can bring yourself. Come as you are. We supply mats, blocks, straps, and cushion during seated posed for each practice. It is recommended to invest in a personal mat, although if you forget or don't have one, don't let that stop you from coming! We have everything here for your practice. We do suggest to bring extra water in a sealed container for hydration while on the mat.
  • What if I am not flexible ?
    Perfect you have come to the right studio for your practice. Flexibility improves over time with yoga as does the benefit of strength, stamina, and stability in the body. And yoga practiced with a gentle strength creates improved flexibility for mind, heart, and soul. At Selah Yoga :|: a life practice our hope is that as your practice evolves you will see life improvements on and off your mat.
  • What should I wear ?
    Your level of comfort is where to start on this one. We do suggest clothing that isn't too tight nor too loose. Wearing clothing for your practice without buttons, zippers, or drawstrings is ideal to avoid feeling uncomfortable in any varied foundation that is weight bearing. As an example, yoga pants along with a sports bra covered with a form fitting top works great.
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