:|: Natural Life Practices :|:

Each Natural Life Practice is a compliment of the others. Come learn in an environment that sees you as a compliment also. Embarking on the course to a more natural lifestyle we hope to be an integral part of your journey. Teaching each practice as a simplified approach helps you navigate options in a community environment.


We offer Life Practices for you to explore as classes, courses, and consultations. Our company is morphing as we move along the course with you. While, we learn how to move with the flow of life our hope is we get to learn and enjoy together.  

Life's Cycles

At Selah :|: Life Practice Studio our philosophy is to thrive within each season of Life, therefore during the year the Practices we offer coincide with the natural world. 


Getting back to life in harmony with ourselves and our environment our Practices are infused with modern applications during each season's cycle or "theme."

:|: Jan :|: Feb :|: Mar :|:

Stillness. Contemplation. Silence. 

:|: Apr :|: May :|: Jun :|:

Detoxification. Growth. Rejuvenation. 

:|: Jul :|: Aug :|: Sept :|:

Vibrancy. Sustainability. Vitality.

:|: Oct :|: Nov :|: Dec :|:

Fruitful. Gratitude. Resolve.