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life practices

By design any practice can become a lifestyle, what we refer to as a life practice. Our aim is toward coaching, crafting, practicing, and teaching simplified practices that promote vibrancy during the seasons of life. Life practices are compliments to your yoga practice in any given season when you need a little soul shine. We offer simple effective ways of experiencing the natural health benefits of aroma & halo therapy, gardening, soul care, sound meditation, and yoga for whole body nourishment. 


life practice themes

Our philosophy is to practice and teach in flow with the season's theme or natural cycles for shine. Each season is themed as a framework for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. Our yoga classes are taught as a holistic approach with each season's theme for wellness.


:|: Jan :|: Feb :|: Mar :|:

Stillness. Contemplation. Listen. 

:|: Apr :|: May :|: Jun :|:

Detoxification. Grounded. Rejuvenation. 

:|: Jul :|: Aug :|: Sept :|:

Vibrancy. Growth. Fruitful.

:|: Oct :|: Nov :|: Dec :|:

Ripening. Gratitude. Resolve. 

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