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Shine :|: Tuesday 6.27.23

Rise & Shine ya lovely people! Mama Rish coming atcha from The Loft in Missouri. This episode is about our :|: Shine :|: Yoga Practice at Selah, along with some ramblin'.

People want to know what is going on over here. Being a believer and church goer for almost two decades, you can imagine what walking away from institutional religion felt like for me, something that I judged others in the past for doing. Like most of us big sweeping changes have been a part of our experience for the past three years. For me personally, Mama Rish, leaving religion at the beginning of 2022 has been quite a ride.

Praying for the scales to fall off my eyes in the Fall of 2019, I didn't get to choose what I was shown. Do you hear me on that? It was my experiences that I felt became a real focal point. Instinctively I knew that cutting back on church activity was needed to focus on my family. Making that one decision for myself had such repercussion that my eyes were opened even more.

This episode gives insight into what Shine Yoga Practice is at Selah. We honestly believe that we alI need a place to practice listening, room for breathing deeply, and non-religious while holding space for faith. Personally moving through grief I went to the yoga practice space almost daily to wail, cry, sing my heart out, and stomp my feet. Other times I danced remembering that I can pray through this any way I wish. When those prayers come to fruition it is a reminder that all has been set in its proper time and place to work for our good.

Not everyone wants to hear what I gotta say. Understandable. It is important to limit what has access to your body, mind, and soul. Come visit The Loft to practice with us. What a joy to meet you face to face in the near future. Until then, stay bright and keep shining.

Namaste`;) Mama Rish

Wanna hear the Shine Playlist played during Yoga practice? Click ⁠⁠H E R E.⁠⁠

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