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Maretta Shaw :|: Sound Facilitator

Sound Meditation | is a life practice that offers space to become still with beautiful vibrations of sound to relax your mind, heart, and soul. Enjoy an array of health benefits of a private sound meditation to balance the physical body along with your thoughts and emotions. 

Vibration | Think about how music and words move us in ways that are felt in the moment, as in when hearing or experiencing the vibration with our senses.  As all sound carries meaning when played or spoken it carries wisdom that specifically helps to balance and release the whole body from tension, trauma, and stress. 

Benefits | Sound meditation is useful to relieve mental chatter or overactive thinking which improves sleep and reduces stress overall. 

Instruments | Singing Bowls, hand drums, chimes, and other instruments you get to experience how energy is set or reset to a homeostasis environment in and around you by balancing and releasing stress, tension, and other sensitivities. 

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