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Risha Hoffman

Yoga Teacher | 500RYT | YACEP

Simplicity is what I am offering. This idea of coming home to yourself is what my goal is as a teacher. It is an innate desire to want to be seen and accepted for who we are. In that desire being honest with ourselves opens up vulnerability, so we can be seen by others.  

Practicing Selah is Yoga, but it is also a Soul Practice.  

So how honest should I be here to let you know who I am as a teacher? Using labels and titles to describe who I am feels like putting my truth into a container that is too small for my Soul's intrinsic value. It is too small for your too.

Selling myself seems cheap for marketing purposes. Even in my not wanting to "sell you" on why you should choose me as a teacher still feels like a marketing tactic.

In my humble opinion, desiring validation from external things feels like more grappling with insecurity. Coming to my mat gives me permission to be myself, with no agendas, or requirements. It really is that simple. Just come as you are. 

Practicing Selah has cultivated a Soul integrity within myself to deepen my relationship with God by simply learning how to be honest with myself first.

When my world gets busy and my Soul needs renewal & refreshment, Yoga has been a consistent way for me surrender the things that entangle me from my past.  My hope is that it can do the same for your practice. 

Certification in Yoga and Natural Health Consultation, Organic Gardening, but most importantly connecting to family and friends are my most fulfilling things to experience.  Please know that privilege for me is walking with others as they process shame.  

Shame and I have a very intimate relationship. The shackles that once bound me for over a decade in my adult life, now has become one of my greatest teachers. The shame from abuse, abortion, and addiction taught me that freedom is possible. Most importantly, it has taught me that God's love is freedom.  

If you, or anyone you know has been wounded from abortion please refer them to

Risha Hoffman: Our Team
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