Selah Yoga Studio

{saylah} : to pause in reflection of truth to practice surrendering 

Practicing Yoga at our studio has a focus on the whole body with an emphasis on your intrinsic value. Our classes have a traditional design for mental clarity, emotional intelligence, for deeper spiritual understanding, while strengthening the body. Being very interested in spine and joint health for our students, we teach from the perspective of proper joint movement and function, so you can explore integrity during practice. 


Our Quaint Studio

Come As You Are

Currently our classes are limited to five students. Before each class all equipment, surface, and floor is carefully cleaned.  In the practice space is an air purifier, as well.  

Ultimately, Selah is a word that reminds us to pause and reflect in truth to practice surrendering. We hope you find health, peace, and wholeness surrendering what doesn't serve your highest good on your mat at our quaint studio.  We can't wait to practice with you. 

Ashtanga Yoga

"Teachers are the guardians of spaces that allow students to breathe and be curious and explore the world to be who they are without suffocation. Students deserve one place they can rumble with vulnerability and their hearts can exhale."

Brene` Brown


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How we practice Yoga off our mats!

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