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We are a yoga studio supporting your everyday practices to move gracefully through life. 

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"Teachers are the guardians of spaces that allow students to breathe and be curious and explore the world to be who they are without suffocation. Students deserve one place they can rumble with vulnerability and their hearts can exhale."

- Brene` Brown

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our yoga practices

We practice yoga at Selah slow, steady, and stable. Classes are taught fundamentally for simplicity and versatility. More effort is offered during practice with regard to how our body feels on any given day or season.

Each of our three yoga classes : Grit, Resilient, and Shine have a complimentary aroma therapy scent for a glorious reset during Savasana, along with a warm rolled towel for neck support. During Winter months we suggest opting in for your feet to be wrapped in warm towels. 


The practice's complimentary aroma therapy scent supports restoration and soul care.  Grit, Resilient, & Shine are practices, products & services we offer for everyday life on & off your mat. 

Image by Aoi

yoga practice  + aroma therapy

yoga :|: grit :|: for bandhas, breath & body
aroma therapy :|: grit :|: Refreshing. Cleansing. Opening.
bergamot | eucalyptus | peppermint

yoga :|: resilient :|: for the heart & mind balance
aroma therapy :|: resilience :|: Herbaceous. Woodsy. Earthy.
atlas cedarwood | clary sage | ylang ylang

yoga |: shine :|: connects heart & soul for glow
aroma therapy :|: shine :|: Calming. Floral. Grounding. 
frankincense | lavender | vetiver

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