Selah Yoga Studio

{say-lah} : pause in reflection of truth to practice surrendering 

Come as you are. Selah Yoga Studio wants to be a place where you come to pause, reflect, so you can practice Yoga. 

Our hope is that our studio will be more than a place to practice Yoga rather, it will be a safe space to surrender your heart on your mat, finding freedom for your body, mind, and heart.


Our Quaint Studio

Come As You Are

Currently our classes are limited to five students however, all classes will "go live" for those of you wanting to practice at home.  ​We looking forward to practicing with you.   

Ultimately, Selah is a word that reminds us to pause and reflect.  It is fitting that this beautiful word should be just beyond our full understanding. We hope you find health, peace, and wholeness.  

Ashtanga Yoga

"Teachers are the guardians of spaces that allow students to breathe and be curious and explore the world to be who they are without suffocation. Students deserve one place they can rumble with vulnerability and their hearts can exhale."

Brene` Brown


Community | Ministry

How we practice Yoga off our mats!

Whatever your spiritual beliefs are/aren't, we work through the grief cycle to help bring you reconciliation with your abortion. Classes are held at Selah Yoga Studio. 
Comforting Rachel is part of The Manasseh Ministries within The Crossings Church in Wentzville.

Natural Life Classes to help your spiritual, mental, and physical journey to wellness. 

Spiritual discipline benefits the whole being.  Yoga is not just moving on our mat through postures just like going to church is not being spiritual. 

The Mission of Tigerlili is to reach woman who are sexually exploited, prostituted and trafficked, and offering them a safe escape with guidance to whole healing in Christ.


Selah Yoga Studio

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