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Welcome to Selah :|: Life Practice Studio. The privilege is all ours. We have created a quaint space for you practice during seasons or cycles of Life. Our studio is designed to inspire vibrancy with our seven Life Practices we offer. Our philosophy at Selah is small changes have great outcomes. Selah :|: Life Practices promotes simplified vitality by teaching ancient techniques with a modern application. 

Selah :|: A Life Practice Studio is a space dedicated to simplified vitality for mind, body, and soul. Life Practices are sustainable ways of living that support vibrancy and health for you and your environment during the months throughout the year.

Selah :|: Life Practice Studio offers professional education, experience, and services within a respectful relationship for teaching. We offer seven Life Practices for you to explore. 


:|:  Life Practices :|: ​

 :|: Aromatherapy Practice

 :|: Garden Practice

 :|: Holistic Self Care Practice

 :|: Massage Therapy Practice

 :|: Plant Based Nutrition Practice 

 :|: Soul Care Practice

 :|: Yoga ​Practice 

Image by Brooke Lark
Our Quaint Studio

Our studio is beautifully designed with simple aesthetics for your practice. ​


We intentionally combined elements, colors, and materials for the space to have an open, earthy feel. The large windows provide plenty of natural light, and you may see some of our animal friends in the outside garden space.  


Our intention is to provide a safe place for all people to pause, reflect, and practice.


"Teachers are the guardians of spaces that allow students to breathe and be curious and explore the world to be who they are without suffocation. Students deserve one place they can rumble with vulnerability and their hearts can exhale."

Brene` Brown

Yoga Practice _ Selah
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Cycles of Life Practices

:|: Jan :|: Feb :|: Mar :|:

Stillness. Contemplation. Silence. 

:|: Apr :|: May :|: Jun :|:

Detoxification. Growth. Rejuvenation. 

:|: Jul :|: Aug :|: Sept :|:

Vibrancy. Sustainability. Vitality.

:|: Oct :|: Nov :|: Dec :|:

Fruitful. Gratitude. Completion. 

At Selah :|: Life Practice Studio our philosophy is to thrive within each season of Life, therefore during the year the Practices we offer coincide with the natural world. 


Getting back to life in harmony with ourselves and our environment our Practices are infused with modern applications during each season's cycle or "theme."