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Located at our micro herbal farm we offer natural practices for moving gracefully through

the flow of life. 

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yoga practices

life practices

learn to be an O.G. aka organic gardener.

practice for body, mind & soul care.

salt therapy for soul glow.

therapy for restoration.

 blends to compliment your practices.

coaching in person or online.

yoga practice

At Selah we offer yoga and other natural life practices to inspire trust for your body's unique flexibility, and strength through focused awareness. Our philosophy for teaching yoga has a devotional feel for soul care. Selah Yoga :|: a life practice studio offers you a place where you can sit in it, flow with it, or sift through it. Come as you are. Practices are arranged using a methodology known as, Vinyasa Krama. Which can simply mean "to put in a special way, or an intelligent way." 


Practicing Yoga is about your experience. While we create space for you at our beautiful studio, we are very interested in your intrinsic value. Personal capability is respected and honored at Selah. Purposefully, we chose not to have mirrors in our practice space for the emphasis is on reflection of your body, mind, and soul during your practice. Slow and steady toward softening quickly after effort is how we practice at Selah Yoga. 

Mama Rish's classes teach yoga establishing stability within the context of moving and in stillness. You know how life goes. It ebbs and flows, blends and contrasts,  to a steady slow but you get to find the tight rhythm within the practice. Staying present with the subtleties helps to bring awareness to individual sensitivity and alignment as a felt experience.  While our classes have specific areas of focus our language and teaching supports proper joint function with an emphasis on the alignment of the spine. As a guide, the body becomes a way to learn and listen in the process. Our classes support any level of student. 


Namaste` lovely souls.

"Teachers are the guardians of spaces that allow students to breathe and be curious and explore the world to be who they are without suffocation. Students deserve one place they can rumble with vulnerability and their hearts can exhale."

- Brene` Brown

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