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wide legged fwd fold
:|: yoga practice :|:
• Infused with aroma & halo therapy •

Our offering is to inspire those who practice with us to trust their body's unique flexibility, and strength through focused awareness. Our teaching is based on individual sensitivity, alignment, and personal experience to support you in Yoga and Life. 

Practicing Yoga with us supports you within the context of moving and in stillness. While our classes have specific areas of focus our language supports proper joint function and most importantly alignment of the spine. The emphasis is on what is felt in the body as a guide to learn more about yourself in the process. The language used to teach supports any level of student. 

Practicing Yoga is about your experience. While we create space for you at our beautiful quaint studio, we are very interested in your intrinsic value. Personal capability is respected and honored at Selah. Purposefully, we chose not to have mirrors in our practice space for the emphasis is on reflection of your body, mind, and soul during your practice. 

wide legged fwd fold
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