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Robbie Niccum

Freedom Movement Teacher | Tigerlili Board Member

Robbie is a vibrant teacher that inspires you to move regardless of insecurities reminding you that all women are priceless.  

She dedicates her time, energy, and passion to helping others. Whether it is her family of origin or those that have become family be choice.  

Her service to Tigerlili Resources proves her selfless heart is one you want to get to know whether moving in her class or simply being encouraged for being you.  

Amos Reed

DNA Defense Trainer | U.S. Army

DNA Defense is a personal defense training company that was founded by Amos Reed. He is a U.S. Army Veteran, and currently serves in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. 

While on Active Duty he had the privilege of becoming a Modern Army Combatives Instructor, and continues to train military personnel through his Reserve Duty. These, and other tactics, have been used to formulate a system that anyone can utilize. 

Amos has a heart to help and protect others and has developed the 3-LEVEL Training system of DNA Defense with the intent of making our society a better place to live and to pass a better world to our children. The philosophy is to "change our DNA" so that we become Lions in Lamb's Clothing: good people with the ability to protect ourselves and those around us. 


We Are Teachers

Instructors vs Teachers

It would seem that an Instructor and Teacher are the same thing, since the words have become interchangeable. At Selah Yoga Studio we are Teachers.  

Teachers shed light on the path, bringing you through the whole way to ensure understanding along with personal application.

Teaching has a methodology of being well rounded so, students learn how and what to do for integration into wholeness.  

Instructors are in the realm of coaching, as task oriented, and not as broad based as a Teacher.  Instructing is a short termed relationship to walk a student through the lens of doing a task.

Teaching at Selah Yoga Studio is very important to us in our relationship with each student.  Our hope is that every student finds purpose and meaning in the ordinary things life has to offer. When we learn to see a new perspective, change and growth is possible.  

Head Stand Pose

Risha Hoffman

Yoga Teacher & Owner | 200E-RYT | YACEP

My passion is to help women overcome shame by having a safe space to be vulnerable without judgment. Being very interested in what is on the inside, my prayer for each student is to discover the full understanding of their intrinsic value.   

Personally, Yoga has been a spiritual discipline that has cultivated my soul integrity with a deeper relationship with God learning how to be honest with myself.

When my world gets busy and my soul needs renewal & refreshment, Yoga has been a consistent way for me surrender the things that entangle me from my past.  My hope is that it can do the same for your practice. 

Yoga is more than moving on your mat, it can be a Spiritual Discipline. I find it imperative to practice and teach Yoga as Bhakti. The is the act of surrender and falling deeply in love with God.  It is the practice of intentionally serving God in everything you do you, especially off your mat.    

Certification in Yoga and Natural Health Consultation is my life's purpose, but more importantly leading abortion recovery to help others overcome the shame associated with such a choice is my most privileged purpose. 

If you, or anyone you know has been wounded from abortion please refer them to www.comfortingrachel.com

Chrissy Murphy

Yoga Teacher | 200RYT

I am a woman who is deeply in love with her Redeemer & Savior, Jesus Christ.  I am in awe of God's love and faithfulness.  My passion is to love God and to love people.  

I was first introduced to Yoga in December 2017.  I instantly fell in love with the practice and noticed changes in my body soon after.  I continue to find healing and freedom in my body; physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was on my yoga mat that my relationship with Jesus began to deepen and I was worshipping Him in a way I never had before.  God is continually teaching me to turn off the outside world and to "still my body and mind" so that I can hear His voice.  

Chrissy Murphy

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