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Grit :|: breath + body aromatherapy inspires vitality by connecting the breath with the body. Blend is crafted to help smooth and strectch out the breath as you flow with the inhale and the exhale to compliment your practice. 


Grit :|: opens your senses to offer a quick glow. Our family has been using this blend for almost 20 years to repel insects. Scent is crafted to open sinuses and soften head pressure. What we find so fascinating about this blend is that it doubles as an insect repellant. Excellent for soothing skin stresses


Roll blend into forehead, neck, and heart. Draw in the breath’s wisdom. See how the breath comes in and down as your heart lifts back to the where the breath comes from. The heart doesn't need intellect nor reason to open in response to life. Breathe deep. Repeat. Get your glow.

:|: Grit :|: breath + body

Excluding Sales Tax
  • bergamot | eucalyptus | geranium | peppermint | tea tree | thyme

  • apricot kernel oil. evening primrose oil. organic pure essential oil: bergamot. eucalyptus. geranium. peppermint. tea tree. thyme.

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