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Pro-Life : is FOR the woman who had the right to choose.

Updated: Feb 17

Recently I had to disagree with a social post from a fellow yoga teacher that stated abortion is safer than getting your wisdom teeth out. The stance that was taken became about religious views, which in my opinion is preposterous.Regardless if women love Christ, Krishna, Buddha or are a practicing atheist, abortion can hurt women tremendously.

Being a woman who chose long before I surrendered my life to God I was tormented beyond comprehension and did any thing I could to numb my pain. It took years after coming to God to be healed. Years! I simply couldn't believe I could be forgiven, whole and redeemed. Grace was out of my reach even though I did in fact love God with all I had to offer from an empty Soul.

When will we realize that Christian women suffer the same as non-Christian women that exercised their right to choose? Shame and brokenness crosses all lines of viewpoints, religions, political parties, colors, creeds, and all other "lines" that the world tries to use to separate us.

Creating a side based on an argument never helps the shame the women feels deep in her heart who is actually the one fighting. In this redundant debate she will duck out again from the political vs.religious viewpoints unseen and feeling discarded.

The woman who needs someone to see her struggling beyond her fake smile asks the question, "Where is my safe place to speak truth and be heard? Not just to state the truth to be once again retaliated upon, but rather the place where compassion is shown to my brokenness. Where is that place for my shame?"

I tried to explain to my fellow yoga teacher, who is a male by the way, to please consider that the pain is more than physical. Again it became about religion and separating church from state. When we are more interested in making our opinion the point, we miss the opportunity to reach a women's hurting heart. This was entirely missed in my asking of a simple consideration.

For those of you who are hurting and have no voice please know you can contact me anytime to talk. I will listen without judgment. You are not alone!

Selah Yoga Studio is a haven for the hurting so I think it is important to walk my talk. We welcome all wounded people at our space. Being the owner, and abortion wounded myself I pray that you can find hope and peace.

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