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"Positive Vibes Only!"

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Selah Yoga Studio is committed to making space for those who are hurt, disregarded, and especially to those who may not always fit in just any yoga space. Understanding that personally as a teacher and owner, my hope is each student knows that they can walk through the door, just as they are. No pretense, to have to be someone they are not, nor pointing them toward a twisted egotistical form of perfection or posture that is biased anyway.

I am positive that people need to talk openly about negative things going on in their lives without a filter. Do you agree? This "positivity only" train has been going on since the 60's y’all. How is that working out for you? Yea, I'm starting this off with some "negative" mumbojumbo. Really y’all since when has talking or bringing up conversations that aren't unicorns and rainbows negative? Since it become a fad? Since you can't decide for yourself to have an opinion about something that is too painful to look at steeped in compassion?

What is happening to our sense of dharma? We as Yoga Teachers don't want to sit with people and their pain because it is negative? I am asking all these questions, to yes stir the pot. You better believe that is what this is about. This isn't about a workout as a Yoga Teacher! What about your student's mind or heart that is in turmoil? Do you really think they can trust you to come with openness to class when they have been informed prior, that "negativity" isn't allowed. So, again, just like other places or people they encounter, that same message is being told. "Yea, you can come and look good here but, keep that rawness to yourself."

Being great will never be about doing a standing split if you can't sit with someone's brokenness, seeing their vulnerability as one of life's most endearing privileges. We implore you as Yoga Teachers to see that we do have a responsibility to create space for students to process in any way they need to without judgement and most importantly with gracious support.

Selah Yoga Studio doesn't for one moment believe we have it all together. It is our togetherness, students and teachers, we believe we are better. Truthfully from my perspective we are merely walking each other home in this life journey.

Sometimes, hearing the other side of positivity can give you just the right perspective. You choose who to be everyday. How we walk with the weak and wounded speaks louder than any teaching I can give a student on their mat. We all have a dharmic path. This thing we were created to do in our circles.

Contrary to popular believe, yes, it does insist that it is an offering to something bigger than we may be able to see in any given moment. Loving others takes time and energy to say the least. But, when you see the light of life you can rest in deep satisfaction. Simply because you walked the path laid out before you in courage.

We hope that those who come to class at our studio become an integral part of our community. It is not just a place to "practice yoga" rather, it is a safe haven to process, seeing deeper into the things that matter most in our lives. We pray for our students to have and know peace on and off their mats.

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