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Let Love Win

Updated: May 11, 2022

What if fighting for our beliefs. Looks more like surrendering.

Though that’s the hardest thing. What if standing up for what’s right.

Means laying down our pride. Even laying down our lives

-Carrollton : Let Love Win

Love is foreign to me. God is love. So seeing it only in human terms and experiences has been my definition for most of my life. Love through the human experience in contrast to God's love, has baffled me many times. More than once it even hurt, as in physical pain in my heart, when coming to an understanding of love in the true unconditional. How can God still love someone who has done things that are so horrible? How could I ever come before The Throne of Grace to actually look up, to gaze upon greatness and not be shattered immediately?

Is being seen my real fear? Am I terrified to actually be seen in all my fullness? In my deepest darkest places, to actually allow someone to peer into, feels unfathomable at times. The complexity of the human heart desires so deeply to be seen and still adored, while simultaneously shaking inside to be so vulnerable.

Often we think of fear or hate as the opposite of love. The list below can help you to bring home the opposite of love as in looking more like Love vs. Self Protection. Reflecting on the contrast of love vs self-protection below how we as humans can be on either side. Love is the actualization of God's definition can be defined as a co-suffering, unconditional, sacrificing love however, we at times oppose the exact thing we want.

Could you possibly believe that God already knows all those deep places inside of your heart? The terrain of the human experience being met by a God who came off The throne to became a servant has been twisted by culture. Let's look at love from a biblical standpoint using First Corinthians, chapter thirteen.

Love | Self-Protection*

patient | impatient. irritable

always hopes | doesn't hope

kind | mean. rude

always trusts | doesn't trust

does not envy | jealous. discontent

always protects | harms others

does not boast | brags. boastful

rejoices in the truth | hides in the dark

not prideful | arrogant

does not delight in evil | participates in evil things

not self seeking | selfish

patient. not easily angered | short tempered. has to have last word

does not dishonor others | manipulates

keeps no record of wrongs | holds grudges. keeps score

perseverance | not dependable

never fails | can fail

While I know I often am more self protecting than loving, I do want the fullness of the love experience God wants for my life. I hope and pray for healing on this side of life for you to have more than your share in this too.

*Love | Self-Protecton has been referenced from by Janice Wade via teaching The Wounded Heart Ministry and many talks off the edge.

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