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Transform Your Thinking

Updated: May 11, 2022

"My head is round so my thoughts can fly is all directions." -Risha Hoffman, Keith Allen, Francis Picabia (worded more eloquent) and whoever else in the entirety of mankind.

Perception. The word that encompasses many things! It literally means to perceive with understanding or awareness, as well as, a mental impression. Yet, we want this to be truth Our perceptions of the truth.

Somewhere along the way, the belief that truth is my changing circumstance, my unique experience, but most importantly, how I see it based on what I feel or even what I think I know. Sounds cliche` yet, I have said in defense or thought something very similar when challenged in the set of "truth laws" I created for myself.

Consider the same "truth laws" in regard to how you perceive your life. Can you get a sense of how perception is in constant motion? It is never set in stone or concrete. Rather, more like liquid, moving slow at times, rapid seldom, and maybe more than often, somewhere in between.

Pick an experience from your childhood. Something that you have carried along the way, that has shaped you. Has this experience morphed through time and maturity? Can you honestly see in this one thing how your perceptions have changed from how you used to see it, to the way you do now? Circumstances and new experiences shifted the paradigm in your own thought processes of what you once thought as "truth." Changing. Liquid. One flowing into the next. Smoothing over time, as it cascades into the present.

Seems logical in theory, right? Now add in your emotions to the experience. How does your emotional response change your perception? Does this enrichment of emotions alter the way you see this one experience now? Over the course of your life, did your emotional response shift going back in time and space, then returning to the present? Do you believe you can learn to see your past as necessary to teach you something of importance to shape your future self?

Are you stuck anywhere along the way of moving backward to process or resistant to being open to future possibilities? Any given circumstance where you are getting stuck, as hard as it may be, you have to take what belongs to you to move forward. For instance, I had to go back to some of the most painful times in my life and retrieve what I lost there. Some places I returned only to find deeper betrayal, another return upon arrival, I grabbed my dignity only to run into more places where I left it, finding more lost parts of myself.

You see I found "truth" but, I wanted absolute truth. At the end of all my wanderings I still wasn't satiated. The fulfillment came when my truth was illuminated within The Light through the grueling wrestling inside my own darkness. Absolute truth can be defined as; whatever is valid, regardless of parameters or context.

The war we fight is within ourselves. We are the ones that bind what is valid to ourselves. We have been duped to participate in the personal attack on our own being. How crafty and clever darkness is, creating a war that is unseen and undetected within the human Soul, only to watch it destroy itself. Brothers and Sisters we have to wake up to the schemes that have been set up against truth. We must ask ourselves, “What do we entertain or nurse in our thinking that does not create healthy thoughts?"

Take your questions to the mat. Maybe it is a wrestling match with your self as you practice. Maybe the mat can become your mirror so you can peer into what you think and feel to try to make sense of what is perceived. This is where you can begin to rewrite your own Soul Story.

Keep breathing and stay bright!

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