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Selah Yoga :|: a life practice studio

Selah by our definition is to pause in reflection of truth to practice surrendering. We choose to teach yoga rooted in the philosophy of bhakti or a devotional style. Fundamentally our classes are taught using the methodology of the Vinyasa Krama, which is simply "to place in a special way." We translate Vinyasa Krama as Life Practice.


Each practice we teach has a different focus. Together we can discuss the benefits for yoga. Our style of practicing is a slow steady pace. Between gentle movement patterns we offer time for compensation or flossing the nervous system to reset your body, mind, and soul.

Moving toward more effort as practice progresses the time in between also opens joints and stabilizes muscles. Our philosophy is we all need a place to sift through our thoughts, what we are feeling, and what we believe. Each day brings its own experience so the practice varies on any given day. 

copper heart planter
selah sign

Our intention is to provide a natural environment for everyday people to pause, reflect, and practice. Our studio is beautifully designed with simple aesthetics intentionally combining elements, colors, and materials for an open earthy feel.

Our overall purpose is to create an environment for you to get quiet for a deeper reflection. Time to contemplate is imperative for any spiritual practice. We honestly believe it is time to slow down for a while. Come back to a flow in response to life. 

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