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:|: halo therapy :|:
aromatherapy + botanicals + salt

 Halo Therapy is better known as Salt Therapy, the practice of breathing or bathing in pure sea salt to restore your shine and vitality. At :|: Selah Yoga :|: we refer to it as Halo Therapy. Because this practice is perfect. 

Halo therapy is a life practice that supports respiratory health. Our in-house crafted :|: halo therapy :|: product line is made with pure dead sea salt + aroma therapy + botanicals. The antiseptic qualities and vast benefits of breathing in salt air assists breath wellness.

For versatility our halo therapy is crafted and packaged for use in shower for a quick halo buff, or add to bath water for long soak a to get a lovely polish. Our halo therapy is infused with our house aroma therapy blends of grit, resilience, and shine for your glow. 

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