:|: Halo Therapy :|:
• Self care during times of lack luster •

 Halo Therapy is also known as Salt Therapy. Halo Therapy is a practice of breathing or bathing in salt to restore breath, soul shine, and vitality. At Selah Yoga we refer to it as Halo Therapy. Because this practice is perfect. 


Halo therapy is practiced two ways. 

  • Dry salt therapy. This type is the kind known as halotherapy. It is done in active salt rooms with the help of a halogenerator. This allows the small, dry salt particles to spread in the air and enter your lungs and skin.

  • Wet salt therapy. This involves bathing in salty water containing minerals, gargling with or drinking salty water, or passing salty water through your nasal canal.


We offer Halo Therapy | Girl's Nights to learn how to make your own Halo Therapy recipes in good company. 

We look forward to sharing some space together. 

Image by Anastasia Zhenina