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Growing your own food is so rewarding, not to mention extremely healthy due to the quality,  Whether you decide to grow food, herbs, or have an orchard your choice of scale depends of what is suitable for your lifestyle.  

We will be offering gardening days at our small scaled farm in Wentzville as well as future classes to teach you how to create a healthy garden, with low environment impact as well as, low maintenance.  

Please feel free to contact us at anytime for questions you may have.  


Practicing Selah

Talking about all things natural

This episode we delve into the life of a grasshopper and how one small life is significant.  Seeing the parallels of grasshopper life, our hope is to encourage you to create harmony in your community by simply being the one who starts chirping a little louder.  Garden life can give us some insight into living in harmony with our community. 


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