Fasting | Detoxifying


The subjects of fasting and detoxifying are intriguing, especially in the last decade.  Fasting can be done safely so the body can begin to heal and remove waste rather than digesting food.

Detoxification can be accomplished in many ways however, we will look at some safe ways that are gentle so the body responds readily.

See our class schedule for community fasting days.  Please feel free to join at any length.



What is fasting?

When people speak of fasting, they usually mean a longer period of time of deliberately choosing not to eat and drink.  It can be for a whole day, part of a day or more than a day.  

A health fast is any temporary restricted diet that is supposed to have certain health benefits.  With Practicing Selah the focus is addressing fasting for one's spiritual health, which involves abstaining from food and drink. Ideally during the waking part of a fast the attention is directed to spending time in prayer, mediation, reading Scripture, and in deliberate reflection.  If this is not possible, at the very least we can pray during the time when we ordinarily would be eating.  

In a sense, everyone fasts. When we are sleeping we do without food or drink. When we do eat after our nightly "fasting" is called breakfast.  We break our fast in the morning with our most important meal of the day. 


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