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:|: Telling Soul Stories :|:
Spiritual Truths | Modern Lessons

We believe that telling soul stories can inspire one another toward brilliance. We believe that telling stories about our own soul's experiences helps others to relate to their own. Any opportunity to tell our soul stories connects humanity in felt vibrancy. 

 Oral traditions of telling spiritual truths has been around long before writing or even codified language. Collectively we used to sit with family, fire, and food to tell ancient stories of epic scale, unbeatable odds, an often adventure to the bottom of oneself, wrestling with faith to get some kind of refinement.

 Just like with any spiritual lesson it is in the application that is useful now.  Soul stories can help us get the grit from past experiences in our own lives, especially if you are feeling lackluster.

We humbly consider the pertinence of story along with the need for the telling to be palatable outside of dogma. Our very own, Risha Leigh created an online soul care study of sorts telling her own soul story to inspire you to get your grit back for luster.  The Soul Care study is called : Sister, You Came to the Desert to Make Rain.


 This story begins with an invitation into the desert to trek an ancient road to the Throne of Grace. Gleaning the experiences of gathering the pieces of herself left in another time and space. The journey reclaims buried treasures and hidden wisdom.

When we feel like we don't deserve grace based on our past experiences, choices, and circumstances we can find ourselves spiritually thirsty. Take the next step closer toward the cooling waters of grace that is being offered to you.