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Cleaning | Restoring

Cleansing | Restoring


Cleansing is gentle for the body. Treating our bodies harshly may be a cultural norm, however connection to our Soul is a compassionate journey. Patiently caring for our bodies is a precursor to tending to our deeper needs.  


Taking time to pause for extended periods of stillness creates cleansing for the whole body. Healthy foods, herbal teas, and other plants help to cleanse the body for restoration.  

Making small changes to eat clean, drinking herbal teas will prepare your body to embark of the traditional way of fasting and detoxification. This process helps you can identify what dishes and teas your body is not only needing, but likes. 


Changing our perspective toward  food and what we take into our bodies as medicine, we can move you toward wanting to learn how make clean eating dishes, herbal remedies, and other preparations to support wellness.  

Soon we will be offering classes to empower your health with guidance. There are some very simple remedies, to nurture yourself with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. It is so beneficial to use the resources you already have, rather than spending unnecessarily. 

Stay connected for upcoming classes, recipes, and videos. 

Cleansing | Restoring: Our Therapies
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