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Description of Classes

Yoga that fits your body

Broga | Taught by Risha

Broga class is tailored to build muscle while improving endurance. Specifically designed to build strength for stamina Broga will also improve heart health, clear mental fog and help as a preventative for injury. Complement to weight training, athletes, and those wanting to be more active.

Dynamic Yoga Method | Taught by Risha

Class consists of proper joint function with movement for conditioning.  Perfect compliment for athletes, weight training, post injury or as a preventative training.  Proper movement patterns infused with Yoga opens joint safely, lengthens muscles building strength.

Foundations | Taught by Chrissy

This class is great for anyone new to yoga or looking to expand the foundation of their current yoga practice.  In this class we will explore the basics of yoga with an emphasis on alignment, building strength, increasing flexibility, developing confidence and experience to create a strong practice.

Gentle | Taught by Risha

Perfect for a beginner student wanting to learn posture and technique.  Class is suitable for physical recovery and preventative injury.  Great for intermediate students wanting to learn deeper subtle adjustments to solidify practice.

Practicing Selah | Taught by Risha

Take time to pause and reflect for your practice. Classes will have a theme, creating space for you to consider something in particular for mental clarity, emotional understanding or spiritual needs. Reflecting on "what comes" up during Practicing Selah can give you insight for growth within the Asana (Yoga) practice, as well as off your matB

Slow Flow | Taught by Risha

Class will gradually move into a flow of movement to foster strength and mobility.  Each class is designed to cultivate concentration in the practice for reflection in the sequence, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Strength & Stamina | Taught by Risha

Class is designed to create a focus on joint action for core strength to bring awareness to the mental, physical and spiritual.  The benefits of joint mobility creates strength for the physical body, while mental focus becomes a time of reflection. Seeing the deeper parts of ourselves, this style of yoga can identify what may need to be addressed to overcome personal obstacles whether mental or physical.

Stretch & Restore | Taught by Chrissy

This class emphasizes postures to stretch, open and release the muscles by working the connective tissue in longer passive holds.  This is a practice in stillness, patience and non-reactivity.  This practice will offer a chance to turn inward and become better listeners as we get to know ourselves from the inside out.

Yin/Vinyasa | Taught by Risha

Class will begin in stillness within posture.  Practice gradually moves into a flow of posture sequences building on complexity to foster strength and mobility along with concentration.