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1137 N. Main Street | O'Fallon.MO


BUILDING 41 has its own soul story to tell. When you stand in the lobby you may read these words like we did, "after we come home from the desert." Desert? Are you for real? So, often the desert can be seen as desolate, and no life. Coincidentally it is an open space where light shines into the deepest corners of the soul. 

In the midst, of writing "Girl, Get Your Grit!" a soul story of overcoming shame premised in a metaphorical desert. I can't make this stuff up! So when reading the above words in the lobby we ( me+the hubs ) undoubtedly saw the well lit path leading Selah Yoga Studio to BUILDING 41. Faithfully we know it was more than coincidence, rather more like a soul validation.

Hopefully you will read the purpose of BUILDING 41 for yourself when you visit to inspire hope as a personal reminder. As we collectively remember "41 represents a time of celebration, a fresh start, a new beginning!" BUILDING 41 stands as an affirmation of the solid promises of God. This building is not just our 41, but we hope this building can be a place of peace and comfort for all who enter."

We are looking forward to pouring some coffee with you and connecting. Gratitude overwhelms us. Thank you for sharing in our dreams.

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