:|: Aromatherapy Practice :|:
Simplified Vitality  | Modern Application

An Aromatherapy Practice can be a class, course, or a consultation.  Classes and courses are educational with hands on learning. Consultation walks you through which Pure Essential Oil blend would benefit your emotional, mental, and spiritual vitality.


:|: Mind :|: Herbaceous. Woodsy. Earthy.

atlas cedarwood | clary sage | rosemary | rosewood | ylang ylang


:|: Body :|: Refreshing. Cleansing. Opening.

bergamot | geranium | eucalyptus | peppermint | tea tree | thyme


:|: Soul :|: Calming. Floral. Grounding. 

frankincense | lavender | lemongrass | myrrh | orange | palmarosa | patchouli | ylang ylang


The Consultation will determine which Aromatherapy Blend is optimal for your personal vitality needs. The Blend will be added to a personal roll-on and to a spray for a mist application. Each Aromatherapy Blend is a synergy, which are Pure Essential Oils blended together for potency, effectiveness, and a robust aroma. 


The Aromatherapy roll-on application is intended for use in any environment. For it is more discreet and personal. With clean hands roll the ball across the tips of your first two fingers and then apply on temples, neck, heart, and on either side of nostrils. 


The Space Spray can be applied in any environment to freshen the air. Can be used to scent any space for prayer and meditation. Great to freshen Yoga mat. Spraying bedroom space and/or pillow before rest is wonderful. 


Using your personal Aroma Therapy and Space Spray together is recommended. 

Image by Chelsea shapouri