allie mcdonald

Yoga Teacher | 200RYT

Hi there. My name is Allison, but you can call me Allie. I’ve practiced yoga for six years and have taught yoga for four years. I first came to yoga during my last few months serving in the Army, and I haven’t left since. 


Yoga has always reminded me that I have all of the keys to my own peace and happiness inside me. Yoga continues to give me the tools that I need to heal, grow, and love myself. Yoga brings me back to the Light that I have and that we all have within us, despite how far away life can lead us astray. It’s my goal to hold space for my students and make them feel safe, accepted, and loved, no matter how they show up to class. 


My class is a judgement-free zone. Come as you are, and know that I am here for you. As a yoga teacher, I see my role as one where I hold a space for my students in which each individual feels safe enough to surrender and let the medicine of Yoga sink in. In a world that demands so much of us, it can be difficult to remember how and how important it is to love ourselves. Sometimes we forget how to listen to our body and mind when they tell us what they long for. Sometimes people are surprised when they begin crying in a certain Yoga pose, but this is the body’s way of speaking to us. Yoga is there to help guide us back to what soothes us. 


I obtained my 200-hour certification in Yoga in 2017, and I have plans to obtain my 300-hour Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) Certificate within the next year. In my free time, I like hanging out with my partner and our three rescue dogs, doing yoga, singing, playing guitar, teaching English, cooking new recipes, or getting outside. I’m all about leading a life full of love, health, animals, creativity, and generosity. Being a yoga teacher allows me to do all of the things I love. 


No matter your story, told or untold, you will feel comfortable, safe, and welcome in my class. There is no correct or incorrect way to process trauma, addiction, shame, betrayal, grief, or even the stressful week at work you had. Yoga gives us a way to love, honor, and literally rewire ourselves.


I would love to have you in my Sunday Soothe class. I hope to see you soon!