How We Teach

Cultivating awareness through sensitivity.

We choose to teach at Selah Yoga Studio with an emphasis on what you can feel in the body, instead of what the poses themselves look like. Therefore, we do not have mirrors in the practice space. 

Practicing here is created with an intelligent design using the Vinyasa Krama, which simply means "to place in a special way," for opening space within yourself moving gently toward more effort. Eventually postures will be held in focused attention to practice for reflection on your mat. 

Being extremely interested in protection of the spine and integrity of the joints as a teacher and student myself, we teach how to engage the bandhas for optimal strength. Bandhas are known traditionally as "locks" in the body.  Bandhas are one of the most foundational teachings for Asana. Each bandha has a specific purpose and function.


CLICK button below for Practicing Selah's Podcast, How We Teach for more information. Equipping students with bandha education gives them another tool to support their spine and joints for Yoga and Life.  

Our offering is to empower those who Practice with us to trust their body's unique flexibility, and strength through focused sensitivity.  Our teaching is based on individual capability, alignment, and awareness. - Risha